Ph.D Jainology

This Ph.D. programme is for those candidates, who are interested in research in Jain religion, philosophy and literature. This programme consists of research study areas such as Agama-s, Jain history and culture, Jain art and architecture, Jain cosmology, Jain astrology, Jain Ayurveda, the contribution of Jain-s to country, culture, society; and many more other areas. An interested candidate can also explore the Interdisciplinary fields of research in Jainology as well as can work on the contemporary relevance of the traditional knowledge embedded in Jain scriptures in Prakrit and Ardhamagadhi languages.

After successfully completing this doctoral programme, the candidate can get opportunities to work in the Research Institutes, Universities and Under-graduate and Post-graduate Colleges in India as a researcher or as an Assistant Professor.

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Key Information


Ph.D. in Jainology doctorate degree programme requires the minimum eligibility of a Masters degree in Jainology / Jain Studies / Jainology and Prakrit from a recognized University.

Research Guide

Sr.No. Research Guide Qualification Research Areas
1 Dr. Shuddhatam Prakash Jain Ph.D Jain religion, philosophy and literature