B.A. Yogashastra | B.A. (Yoga)

Yoga has become a keyword for physical and mental health in this modern era. While the entire world is appreciating the significance of Yoga, it is often equated only with the practices of Asanas and Pranayama. While these are vital aspects of Yoga, it is important to know that Yoga is an profound system of philosophy, in which these aspects of physical and mental well-being are grounded. This ancient legacy has much more to offer to the aspirant individually, and to the entire society collectively.

The Bachelor’s programme in Yoga combines practical exercises as well as understanding of theoretical aspects of Yoga. Students will get an opportunity to study and train with leading faculty in the field. Upon completion of the programme, students will have a strong foundation in Yogashastra, based on the study of original texts.

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Key Information


    1. HSC or equivalent.

    2. Prior knowledge of Yoga is not required. 


Teaching-learning occurs in a combination of theory lectures and practical sessions. Students are introduced to the Yoga texts that will enable them to understand the basics of Yogashastra.


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Semester I Semester II
Sanskrit and Introduction to Darshana Sanskrit
Foundation of Yoga Yogic Texts
Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy and Physiology
Yoga and Education Basic Principles of Psychology
Practical Practical
Semester III Semester IV
Sanskrit Sanskrit
Hathayoga and Yogic Texts Yogic Texts
Yoga and Holistic Health Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Personality and Mental Health Yoga Therapy
Practical Practical
Semester V Semester VI
Yoga in other Traditions Yogic Texts
Yogic Texts Yoga Therapy
Yoga Therapy Yoga Institutes and Government Bodies
Western Psychology Case Study
Practical Practical


Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham has expert faculty members, who have several years of experience in this field. They are drawn from the field of Yoga, Sanskrit and Philosophy and bring diverse perspectives that enhance teaching learning outcomes.

The special feature of this syllabus the combination of the practical sessions, language skills and the in-depth knowledge the student acquires in the field of Yoga.

The K J Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies has a library with over 30,000 books, which is an important resource.

The K J Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies regularly organises special lectures, seminars and workshops on different themes in areas of Religion, Culture and Philosophy. In addition, there are field trips to heritage sites. This offers students opportunities to meet students of other disciplines in informal learning forums which is an unmatched experience.

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, a student will:

  • Have a good foundation of the philosophy of Yoga.
  • Be equipped with tools to engage with a variety of texts, as well as postures and various other meditation practices.
  • Will develop a quest to go deeper to acquire the thorough knowledge of Yoga with post graduation in it.