Certificate Course in Tibetan Language - Intermediate

(This programme will be conducted in online mode.)

Programme details for Academic year 2024-25:

Commencement Date: 19th July 2024
Days: Fridays and Saturdays
Timing: 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm 


The study of the Tibetan language is important for students of Buddhist Studies, as it is the language of the Buddhist canon in Tibet and in the Himalayan regions. As is well-known, the translations preserved in the Tibetan canon, from Indic originals, contain not just scriptural texts and commentaries, but also texts on grammar, astronomy, linguistics, and medicine. As a result, the study of the Tibetan language is of interest to a diverse group of people: for the student of Buddhist Studies these materials are an invaluable source of knowledge of the Indian Buddhist tradition, including the development of schools and textual traditions; they also provide avenues for comparative study when read along with the early Chinese translations. Tibetan language is also a necessary skill for those engaged in the study of Himalayan culture.

The intermediate level will help students to become more proficient in reading Tibetan passages and understanding sentence structure. Students have the option to choose between colloquial and classical Tibetan. Reading and comprehension occurs at higher levels of proficiency, while students are also introduced to principles of translation.

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Key Information


  • HSC or equivalent examination (e.g. 10+2)
  • Basic level of Tibetan or equivalent examination


Teaching-learning occurs primarily in lecture format



Tibetan Grammar & Comprehension and translation

Option: Classical Tibetan

Option: Colloquial Tibetan


The Centre for Buddhist Studies is the only institution offering Tibetan language programmes in the city of Mumbai.

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, a student will:
  • Will have a strong foundation in Tibetan grammar
  • Read and translate selections from either literary or colloquial Tibetan materials

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