Diploma in Archiving and Museology

(This programme will be conducted in online mode.)

Programme details for Academic year 2024-25

Commencement Date: 20th July 2024
Days: Saturdays
Timing: 11.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm


Museums, as institutions, are a reflection of India's rich heritage and play an important role in preserving India’s past. They fulfil an important task of collecting and preserving objects of historical, cultural and religious importance duly supplemented by research and analysis for presenting the findings to the public for the purpose of academic, intellectual and general interest. India probably has the most-oldest and most diverse chronology of events in terms of civilizations, dynasties, cultures etc. Indian museums offer a window of opportunity to peek into their evolution and their role in terms of historical and cultural significance that has been instrumental into shaping today’s society. In short, they act as the gateway between the past and the present.

Diploma in Archiving and Museology offers a unique opportunity for students to understand the dynamics of the workings of a museum by studying diverse topics in detail. The comprehensive programme designed around concepts of museology, collection management, fundamentals of archiving and documentation, museum management, art history, basics of conservation, exhibition design and visitor engagement and outreach among others will ensure that students are well versed with all aspects of the museology. The objective of the programme, apart from providing a professional career, is to sensitize the students about how they can play the role of brand ambassadors in spreading awareness about our cultural values and how these can be fostered for the development of the society in the larger context. There will be an effort made to get students practical experience in this field by getting them internships in organisations in this field.

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Key Information


 HSC or equivalent.


The programme will be taught with a blend of lecture and class discussions. Visits to museums will give students the opportunity to understand all concepts of Museology both theoretical and practical.


Semester I Semester II
Archiving and Museology: I Archiving and Museology: II


The curriculum has been developed by experts who have experience in the field and therefore incorporates very practical aspects leading to skill development. The possibility of internship is also a key feature of the programme.

For students who are from the field of History, Ancient Indian Culture, Archaeology as well as of the ancient languages, this programme draws on their basic knowledge and builds practical skills, adding to employability.

The K J Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies has a library with over 30,000 books, which is an important resource.

In addition to the workshops that are an integral part of this programme, students can attend seminars, workshops and field trips that are offered by the institution across the various disciplines. This creates opportunities of learning beyond the classroom and permits interaction with students pursuing different interests: this is a key feature of the learning experience on our campus.

Programme Outcomes

At the end of successful completion of the course the student will:
  • Have a clear understanding about collection management, and the fundamentals of archiving and documentation.
  • Have an insight into all aspects of museum management, including exhibition design, visitor engagement and outreach.
  • Have an overview of principles of art history, for a meaningful engagement with objects of antiquity.
  • Have an appreciation and insight into the complex features of conservation.

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