Diploma in Sanskrit Language and Literature | Sanskrit: Lang. & Litt.

Sanskrit, the divine language at the one hand opens the doors to the history of rich heritage our ancestors preserved for us and on the other hand it helps to explore the new dimensions of the known sciences. The grammatical precision of Sanskrit, the metrical rhythm in it and the utmost importance given to the pronunciation of the words makes it one of the significant languages studied globally.

The course aims at giving the students the opportunity to explore the beauty of Sanskrit language through the knowledge of the basic structure of grammar, overview of the classical Sanskrit literature and some part of the textual extracts to be read and understood. The course also intends to help the students to grasp the conversational Sanskrit. It can generate the interest in students for the further studies in Sanskrit.

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Key Information


1. HSC or equivalent. 
2. Prior knowledge of Sanskrit is not required.


Teaching-learning occurs with the introduction to the fundamental principles of Sanskrit grammar, selected portion of Sanskrit literature and also conversation skills so that the students will understand the basic framework of Sanskrit.


Sanskrit Grammar Sanskrit Literature
Sanskrit Comprehension Workshop


  • Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham has the original texts and the expert faculty members who can make students well aware of all those concepts that are reflected in the syllabus.
  • The special lectures, seminars and workshops are organized from time to time to enlighten the students.
  • The students are encouraged to learn Sanskrit grammar with their efforts to construct small sentences and develop the confidence to speak and read Sanskrit.
  • The introduction to classical Sanskrit literature motivates the students to continue studying Sanskrit
  • With prior graduation in any stream, the students after the completion of this course successfully, can take admission for M.A. in Sanskrit.

Programme Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the programme, a student will:

  • Have a good foundation of the grammatical framework as well as the literature of Sanskrit.
  • Be able to read Sanskrit, write basic sentences in Sanskrit and speak basic Sanskrit.
  • Have a quest to go deeper to acquire the thorough knowledge of Sanskrit.