Diploma in Jain Philosophy of Karma and Liberation

(This programme will be conducted in online mode.)

This course introduces students to Pandit Todarmal and his MOKSHA-MARG-PRAKASHAK, which was one of his most important works and written in pink city Jaipur about 300 year ago. The text has 9 chapters, of which the first 8 are complete. The untimely death in 47 years age of the author leaves us with an incomplete text.

Even so, this text has remained extremely popular, as it addresses the most profound questions related to Jaina philosophy and practice in a simple question and answer format. The text is in Dhundhari Language and it’s Hindi version is also available.

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Key Information


Minimum HSC or equivalent examination.


Teaching-learning occurs in lecture format. Students are encouraged to actively participate in seminars and workshops that are regularly organised. Field trips are also scheduled whenever possible, to sites of Jain heritage.


Semester I Semester II
Jain Philosophy and Karma, MMP 1-4. Jain Philosophy and Liberation MMM 7-9
Chapter-1 पंचपरमेष्ठी का स्वरूप, मंगलाचरण और ग्रन्थ की प्रामाणिकता Chapter- 7 निश्चयाभासी और व्यवहाराभासी मिथ्यादृष्टि का स्वरूप
Chapter-2 कर्मबन्ध का निदान,नवीन बन्ध विचार,कर्मबन्धरूप रोग के निमित्त से होने वाली जीव की अवस्था Chapter-8 उभयाभासी मिथ्यादृष्टि और सम्यक्त्व के सन्मुख मिथ्यादृष्टि का स्वरूप
Chapter-3 संसारदुख और उसका मूल कारण,मोक्ष सुख और उसकी प्राप्ति का उपाय Chapter-9 चार अनुयोगों का प्रयोजन और उनकी पद्धति
Chapter-4 मिथ्यादर्शन का स्वरूप, मिथ्याज्ञान का स्वरूप और मिथ्याचारित्र का स्वरूप। Chapter-9 मोक्षमार्ग का स्वरूप


Opportunity to study original scriptures on various themes with expert faculty

The Centre for Studies in Jainism has consistently designed curriculum in ways that addresses the learning needs of the community who can engage full time, as well as those who pursue their passion part-time, at their own pace. This is an introductory programme for those who are keen to learn basic concepts and principles of Jainism from literary source.

This course builds on the learning of the Certificate Course in Jainology and Diploma in Jainology and prepares students for the more rigorous MA programme.

The K J Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies has a library with over 30,000 books, which is an important resource.

In addition to the workshops that are an integral part of this programme, students can attend seminars, workshops and field trips that are offered by the institution across various disciplines. This creates opportunities of learning beyond the classroom and permits interaction with students pursuing different interests: this is a key feature of the learning experience on our campus.

Programme Outcomes

At the end of successful completion of the course the student will develop an understanding of –
  • A firm foundation in the principles of Jainism
  • Gained an insight into Jain philosophy and Literature
  • Have an insight into the life of work of Jain philosopher Pt Todarmal.