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Emotional Intelligence and the Bhagavad Gita by Dr. Rajendra Barve, 26.11.22

Start Date

26th November 2022

End Date

26th November 2022


04 : 00 PM

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Vidyavihar - Mumbai


K J Somaiya Institute of Dharma Studies

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We are pleased to invite you to a lecture on Emotional Intelligence and the Bhagavad Gita by Dr. Rajendra Barve. 
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (popularly and erroneously referred as EQ) is associated with Daniel Goleman, but the concept can be traced to David Wechsler, who said that intelligence does not denote just the cognitive abilities i.e. mathematical, numerical or logical thinking of a person but the non-cognitive abilities as well.This idea was also forwarded by Howard Gardner in 1983 who said that intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are as important as the traditional concept of intelligence, which focused on the cognitive skills alone. Modern western psychology focuses on success from the materialistic point of view – an emotionally intelligent person becomes a successful manager, a leader, can earn well and also is adept at managing relationships. Goleman does point out that emotional self-awareness, self-control, empathy, problem solving, conflict management, leadership, etc. are the characteristics of an emotionally intelligent person.

Indian texts have a more holistic approach. They see the mind as an instrument which has the potential to lead a man to eternal happiness or to perpetual suffering. In the context of emotional intelligence, the Bhagavad-Gita stands tall, interweaving the concepts of Intelligence and emotional Intelligence throughout  the entire treatise.The text identifies the nature of emotions and sentiments and guides a way to come out of their spirals.

In this lecture Dr Barve will attempt to decode and understand some of the Shlokas of Gita from the perspective of emotional intelligence. 

The lecture is open to all and will be in hybrid mode and a zoom link will be shared with those who choose to join online.

Date: Saturday, 26th November  2022
Time: 4.00 pm
Venue: K J Somaiya Institute for Dharma Studies and Zoom
About the Speaker: Dr. Rajendra Barve trained as a consultant psychiatrist and is a facilitator, coach and trainer by design. A student of Mumbai University, he topped the MD & DPM examinations. He was at Tufts University (Boston, USA) as an observer. He has studied Behavioral Therapy at Institute of Psychiatry, Kent, London. He later taught Psychiatry in T N Medical College. He has been a consultant psychiatrist for more than thirty-seven years in Mumbai and is also a visiting consultant psychiatrist at IIT Bombay.
Dr Barve has also trained with the Sri Lankan monk Ven. Olande Ananda in Buddhist meditation practice and his insights into the practical applications of mindfulness practice are therefore invaluable.
We look forward to your active participation,