The library is located on the third floor of the K J Somaiya Institute of Management building and is spread across over 1507 square feet, with a good number of seating capacity. The mission of the library is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of research, teaching and learning needs of the user community. It aims to satisfy the information needs of all library patrons by providing effective library services and developing a good collection of library resources to assist in research activities.

The library has a well-equipped collection of over 31,000 plus texts and reference books on a wide range of religious and philosophical literature. It has a unique collection of different specializations such as Yogashastra, Buddhist Studies, Hinduism, Jainology, Pali language and literature, Sanskrit language and literature, Prakrit language and literature, China Studies, Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archeology, etc. These areas determine the selection process for the library collection. The interdisciplinary nature of these streams is the special attraction of the library collection. The library subscribes to 09 National and International Journals relating to Religion and Philosophy. Library has a good collection of Textbook, Reference book, Thesis, Dissertations, Journals, CD/DVDs as reference materials for students also.

Library has an Open Access System whereby students are allowed to select books based on their preferences. The books are stacked in close cupboards arranged subject wise as per Dewey Decimal Classification schedule. Reference books are expensive and rare therefore are kept for reading only. The library provides a pleasant, user-oriented and user-centered learning environment.

Library Collections

Total Collection
Library Hours

Library extends the facility for its users by keeping all library services open on all days of the week including Saturdays and Sundays of the month except institute notified holidays

Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 10 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lunch break is observed from 1.00 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

General Rules

Users must bring their college ID-card to the library and note their details and purpose of visit in the visitors register kept at the entrance.

  • Users should maintain strict silence in the library premises and keep the mobile in silent mode.
  • Eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Reference or rare books, journals / periodicals, Magazines, CD-DVDs, Ph.D. thesis, Kindle, etc are declared as “for reference only” and will not be issued out of the library.
  • Users should not mark, cut, mutilate or damage library resources in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he will be charged the full replacement cost of the resource. Borrowed books should be protected from rain, dust, insects, etc.
  • No library material can be taken out of the library without permission.
  • All students are eligible to borrow two books for 07 days. Books must be returned / renewed on or before the last day of return.
  • Late fee of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged from all the students who retain book(s) beyond the due date. Library staff may exempt the late fee depending upon the circumstances of delay.
  • In case of loss of book(s),
    • the borrower shall replace the book(s) of the same edition or latest edition plus late fine
    • OR
    • pay a fine triple of the cost of the book plus late fine.
  • Users are requested to handle the books / journals and other library material very carefully; marking with pencil; writing or highlighting; tearing the pages in any other way will be charged fine or asked to replace with new material.
  • If the book is in demand, the book will not be issued further immediately but users can reserve it.
  • Any document issued may be recalled by the Library before the due date of return without any reason and the borrower has to abide by the decision.

Our Team

Mr. Sagar B. Khatale


Mrs. Sujata M. Kalyanpur

Assistant Librarian

Mr. Shailesh S. Bhaije

Library Attendant

Circulation of Books

Reference Books, Journals / Magazines, Audio-Video material, Kindle etc. are declared as ‘For Reference only’ therefore will not be issued.
Rules for circulation of books by type of users as detected below:

Sr. No. Type of User Number of books can be issued at a time Number of days the book can be kept with reader Per day fine after due date
1 Faculty 10 30 No fine
2 Visiting Faculty 02 14 No fine
3 UG/PG students 02 07 Rs. 2/-
4 Diploma/Certificate students 02 07 Rs. 2/-
5 Ph.D. students 05 30 Rs. 2/-
6 Staff - Non Teaching 02 14 Rs. 2/-
Students of other institutes of the Somaiya campus
Sr. No. Member Type Course Type Issue Qty Material Type Issue days Due days & Fine
1 Student UG 1 Text Book 7 1 - 7 days Rs.10 / day
8 - 99999 days Rs.12 / day
2 Student PG 1 Text Book 7
3 Student Ph.D. 1 Text Book 14
4 Staff / Faculty Staff 1 Text Book 7
  • Membership is proposed on payment of Rs. 1500/- for one year.
  • Books – Membership is only for reference.
  • Fine – No fine levied.
  • Membership is proposed on payment of Rs. 2000/- for one year.
  • Books – Membership is only for reference.
  • Fine – No fine levied.